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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Interview with Heart Gallery Alabama's 2011 Photographer of the Year, Donna Hovey

By Autumn, Donna’s daughter

Donna Hovey tells of her first experience as a photographer for Heart Gallery Alabama with compassion. The first time Donna took pictures of a foster child, she had no idea how much she would be blessed and humbled. She recounts the first girl she photographed, "The six-year-old girl saw pictures in my living room of my daughters and asked who they were." Donna told her that the girls in the pictures were her daughters. The little girl replied, "You have lots of girls. I want to stay with you." 

After Donna photographed the sweet child, the girl left with her social worker, and Donna sat down disheartened, prayed, and wept. Later that year, it was brought to Donna's attention that the six-year-old was the first to be adopted through Heart Gallery Alabama. Because Donna believes that when one is given much, much is expected, she wants to serve and bless others. She just never realized how much these children would bless her.

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